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Painting Crusade aftermath, Finecast still failing

As usual after a painting competition or similar event, I'm riding a motivational wave right now. The motivation is even so strong I've started working on a figure which I otherwise would never paint.

It's the special edition Painting Crusade IX figure offered for a fair 3 EUR extra to the admission price of the painting competition. There was a choice of heads, I went for the gas mask.

It's going to be another quick paint up for fun. As you can see those large surfaces isn't something for me:

The sculpt itself is quite good, but the casting rather terrible. Lots of air bubbles. I tried to smooth them out, but still a lot of them remain. The cast is obviously done by a hobbyist (I hope so).

A bit like Finecast then, but of course the guys at GW are pros. Then why do new stories about Finecast fails keep appearing? Recently Warhammer 40K turned 25. To celebrate that, GW released a special edition figure, in Finecast. Quite understandably some people have started complaining to have received a figure with all the classic faults on them, with that difference that this figure costs somewhere around 25 EUR. Another story with more pictures here. When will people learn to stay away from that medium?

Another "fine" story that popped up last week was this one by fellow bloggers 5th Dimension. Imagine finally having a Necron Lord with a straight staff, painting him up to a nice standard and then this happens while it sits in the display cabinet...


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