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New from Vallejo

Vallejo recently released two new products: washes and pigments.

The washes are obviously to compete with Games Workshop's latest line of washes. But where GW has a complete range of colors, Vallejo only has 2 so far: black and a sepia tone. There is a rumour that a third color will be added: a beige-brown.

Their other new product is a complete line of pigments, similar to MiG pigments, which is very popular among military modellers. But the Vallejo variant is cheaper and holds a third more powder than the MiG jars. I decided to pick up a red-brown tone to test it out on a base.

I'm currently working on a Space Marine Terminator and decided to use these new products on it. I will post a WIP picture very soon.

Warlord Games Roman

Last month a painting competition was held at my local game store which involved painting a promotional Warlord Games Roman. I missed the competition, but there were some miniatures left so the storekeeper challenged me to paint this one because he knows I'm not involved in historical wargaming. It was fun to paint this figure, but painting up a batch of these to play a historical wargame: no thanks :)
I think these new miniatures are of very high quality. And they're very cheap when compared to Games Workshop's plastics They're multi part with several options such as the weapon and the pose of the arms.
Anyway I hope you like the paintjob!

CMON Favorites V

After a 5 month hiatus this feature is back. I'm going to try to catch up with all the great entries I've missed since my last my last CMON Favorites post. Actually I haven't been on CMON ever since, so I'll have to do a lot of catching up. To make things easier I only browsed images with scores between 9 and 10.



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