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Showcase: Grulka Blackhand

Grulka Blackhand from Titan Wargames.

Desktop update and more to catch up with

Hello folks! Way too long since the last update :) Not that much painting has been happening here, been cycling a lot, wasted my time on some indie games like Terraria and Limbo, and I've also been on holiday. More on that later, but we'll start with the painting action shall we? Oh and there's more I want to tell you about, but I'll save that for another ok :)

Last month I finished two Titan Wargames miniatures, of which you have already seen one appear on the blog. If you missed it click on the image below for more angles. The other chaos dwarf (a female in fact!) will be uploaded this weekend or shortly after.

Apart from the chaos dwarfs I've started a rather tedious project: a unit of Blood Angels Death Company. During my holiday I assembled them, and as some kind of test I started painting an arm. This allowed me to define a recipe for each of the colors which are on the complete models. Pretty pleased with the results... going for an 'Eavy Metal style of painting here in case you didn't notice :)

Here are the rest of the guys waiting to be painted. Oh yeah there primed in white. Didn't have any black primer in the house, and I'm always to eager to start working on a new project that it can't wait a week :)

I've also been using a non-metallic Citadel paint again in a long while. I think the reds in the Vallejo Model color line aren't that much good. I have several of them but most of them have changed in a thick goo, with a layer of transparent medium (thinner?) on top, in such a way that shaking won't help. The other which are in good condition don't have the brightness which I'm looking for. So I decided to try out Evil Sunz Scarlet and the foundation paint Mephiston Red. Works as a charm! I'm really pleased about the paint, in fact I'm considering on buying some more the line.

But I'm still not a huge fan of the paint jar-type of thing. Of course they're a huge improvement over the old screw capped ones I had in the beginning of my painting career, but I think taking out the paint with your brush is still quite cumbersome when you're used to dropper bottles. I think I will pick up some empty Vallejo bottles soon and transfer the paints. I also noticed some paint hardening near the "hinge" of the lid so they're still not entirely perfect in my opinion. But the paint quality is certainly top notch!

I already mentioned my holiday. Well there isn't that much to tell about really ;) My family and I visited the sourth of France this time. The first few days we had some bad luck with the weather but that was okay since it allowed us to visit some cool places instead of cooling down at the swimming pool like we did all the other days :)

Highlight of this trip was probably a visit to the fortified medieval town of Carcassonne. A very inspirational place!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

Showcase: Marrog Blackhand

Marrog Blackhand from  Titan Wargames.

Best of May 2012

Quiet month for me, I've been on holiday :) Regular posts will return soon.


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