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Alkémy commission WIP

I'm currently working on this bunch of Alkémy figures. The sculpts themselves are pretty good, but the casting quality is pretty horrible. The original line was launched by Kraken, after they went bankrupt Studio38 continued to cast the figures, and the game's rules are now available for download.

A lot of surfaces look rough and chunky, air bubbles here and there, and while preparing one figure a leg snapped off because there was a giant air bubble inside :( The figures also come with sculpted resin bases, which is a nice detail, but it's very hard to fix the figures on them properly.

Another thing that was pretty horrible was the shipping time. It took nearly 14 days for the figures to ship out after ordering. It's a bit sad to see a great figure line like Alkémy go down a route like this...

But back to painting: this is going to be a gaming quality project. Accent color will be Emerald.

Showcase: Tau Cadre Fireblade

This miniature is currently for sale on eBay: click here.

Desktop update April 2013

Lot's of stuff going on at the moment: The Hobbit figures, Tau Cadre Fireblade and then an Alkémy commission that is about to start... Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Conflict 2013 report

Some pictures of last weekend's painting demos at Conflict 2013.

Conflict 2013 coming up

This Sunday (14 April) I will be giving painting demos at the Conflict event of club Conect'r in Gelrode (Belgium). Feel free to pay me a visit and have a chat if you're nearby :)

Click here for last year's report.



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