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Blood Angels Death Company WIP 2

Impossible to get decent pictures straight from the desk, but nonetheless I quickly want to show you the progress on this project. I already finished one marine, the four others you see here are almost complete, with the exception of their weapon arms.

Showcase: Ulric the Defiler

Ulric the Defiler by Maelstrom Games.

Painted for the Bane Legions competition @ WAMP Forum.

German Games Day 2012 event coverage

Here's my review on the 2012 German Games Day. I tried to organize this coverage somewhat, starting with the Slayer Sword winner, then all the winners from the different categories. Most winners are included in this report. After that I like to show you some more great entries and finally some miscellaneous pictures. Now let the pictures do the talking :)

The Slayer Sword

Raffaële Picca (picster from Massive Voodoo) won his second Slayer Sword (first one in 2010, review here) with his entry from the Duel category.

Last year's winner Matt Cexwish passes on his title.

Golden Demon Winners

40K single silver
40K single bronze
40K large gold
40K large silver

40K unit gold
40K unit silver

40K unit bronze

40K vehicle silver
40K vehicle bronze
diorama gold

diorama silver

diorama bronze

duel gold
duel silver
duel bronze
fantasy monster silver

fantasy monster silver
fantasy monster bronze

Fantasy regiment gold

Fantasy regiment silver
Fantasy regiment bronze
Lord of the Rings bronze

Open gold

Open silver
Open bronze

Other entries

Other entries which caught my eye and also some pictures from the Golden Demon contest in general.


Some pictures of the display cases. Too bad we missed out the painting demos :(

Games Workshop and Forgeworld

The GW and Forgeworld display was rather poor this year, no previews or whatsoever, and the GW display case only contained the latest Chaos releases. What I did like was the display case with greens.


We arrived at the show around 11:30 and immediately went to the Golden Demon contest to take pictures. After a quick tour of the rest of the show we had enough of the overload of smelly nerds and went out for lunch. After that we made walk next to the river and then of course the obligatory visit to the Dom.

I also had some great company this year: Maartje from MaGie Painting joined me for the trip. Thank you for making it a fantastic day ;)

I took the final picture when we went back to our car when the show was over. It says "only for women" :)

Hopefully I will be able to visit the GD next year again, and maybe I will give it a try and enter something myself. We'll see :)




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