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The new website is here:

Today I am very happy and proud to announce my new website:!

Important: this will mark the end of my activities on Blogspot. Please update your bookmarks to, and keep in mind that an RSS feed is also available at

For the last 1-2 years I have been a bit unhappy about my little site hosted here at blogspot. Although perfect for blogging, it still required some manual HTML editing here and there to add content (for example the gallery). Also, the shift to social media is still going strong, so I really should have put more time into sharing/following widgets etc. This actually kept me from blogging and instead resorting to other platforms such as Facebook to get my content out.

So instead of retrofitting the blog I decided I wanted to go for something entirely new.I decided to go for a hosted WordPress site, and also bought the domain name. After working on the design on and off for about 6 weeks this is the result.

I migrated part of my gallery over, some of my older work can still be seen on CoolMiniOrNot. The links page still needs work, and I am looking at migrating some of the tutorials and articles over as well, but that will be done over the next few weeks, together with some tweaking here and there.

Together with the new site I have also made the decision to put more content on social media platforms. Apart from the usual Facebook and Twitter accounts, which also have quite some followers, I will also venture into new realms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Please check the icons in the top right corner or check the links page.

I am very happy that you are here with me at the start of the next chapter in the Corvus Miniatures saga, which will undoubtily be a very exciting one! Thanks again and by all means let me know what you think :)

Gerrie aka Corvus

Back from Scale Model Challenge 2015

Back from Scale Model Challenge! I didn't take part in the competition this year and due to circumstances I only visited briefly in the afternoon, so it was a bit less intense for me. But nonetheless I enjoyed the event, took loads of pictures and videos and did some shopping. Obviously there was too little time to talk with everyone so a big apology for all of you to which I have only spoken very shortly or missed entirely. See you next year :)

Report coming soon.

Vampires WIP

Two vampires I'm currently working on: Konrad von Carstein and Mannfred (mounted version).

Belial WIP 2

Waiting for his new sword, a plastic one, to replace the wobbly finecast one.

Belial WIP

Post summer holiday news overload

Hello everyone, Corvus again. Yes I know I should be posting more here, looks like I saved up a lot stuff again for another big post.
But I have a good reason this time :) I just got back from my summer holiday. First my family and I spent a nice 10 days in Italy, then we went home for a couple of days and then spent another two weeks at the seaside in The Netherlands (like we do every year).

As you can expect after my previous post the Age of Sigmar box has taken up all of my hobby time last month.

I took the sprues with me to Italy together with a knife, cutters, glue and some other assembly gear. I managed to assemble all Sigmar models and three of the Chaos models. As usual with the more recent GW plastics assembly was a breeze and fun to do.

Then in the last two weeks I spend a couple of nights painting the basic rank & file Sigmarites. Progress seemed slow (only the armour is finished now), but I guess the hardest work has been done already.

Here's what I have so far:

The partially painted Sigmarites, the blue has only been basecoated.

The Chaos characters assembled:

Other Sigmar models, assembled and primed:

This little sheet displays my color choices. So the turqoise is going to be my main color for the shields, shoulder pads etc, while the violet is going to be the secondary color.

But the rest of the project will have to wait a bit since this guy is now waiting to be painted: Belial of the Dark Angels, which is a commission job.

And in between I'm still doing quite some behind the scenes work. The plan is to create a new website and overall look for Corvus Miniatures at some point.
The new logo looks like this, I hope you like it :)

Age of Sigmar has arrived

A big new project has arrived on my workbench: Age of Sigmar.

A game like Warhammer Fantasy always intrigued me in a way, but I never really found an army I liked enough to start painting up several ranks of miniatures, let alone start learning the rules. But with Age of Sigmar it's different (at least for this starter box).

I really like the miniatures in this starter set, both sides (Sigmar and Chaos). What also appeals to me is the new set of rules: it's only 4 pages! And the fact that this is the very beginning of something new and (hopefully) very big makes it the perfect time to jump in.

The box is filled with sprues which are packed with parts. In total there are 47 figures in the box. Added to that are dice, rulers, decals, manuals and a load of bases.

This is the ruleset: 4 pages (and the first page is basically on how to setup your battlefield).

The book from the starter: it doesn't show in this picture but it's almost 100 pages. The new artwork looks badass.

I understand I have a lot of work in front of me and it's totally different from what I have been doing the last 2-3 years, but I am very motivated to jump into Age of Sigmar.



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