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My new paints

The Citadel paints are great! I recently bought some to replace some of the "weaker" colors of the Vallejo Model Color range: reds, oranges. These aren't very consistent, some of them don't mix up any more (medium has split from pigment in the bottle), poor coverage. The new Citadel paints don't seem to have this problem.

But the problem they do have are the bottles. First of all I don't like using a brush to scoop up paint from a bottle. Second thing is that a ridge of dried paint starts to form after only a few uses of the bottle, making it difficult to open or close the bottle.

So I decided to transfer these paints to dropper bottles which I ordered on eBay. It's quite striking how little paint the small pots actually contain. The paint is also quite thick, so I added about 20 drops of distilled water to each new bottle.

Some pictures of the process:

Death Company preview

More pictures of these finished models incoming, just wanted to see those on a white backdrop to compare them to the studio paintjob :)

My version:

'Eavy Metal's version:

Last Death Company WIP shots

Almost there...

What a mess!

When I'm on the final stretch of finishing a project (in this case the Death Company marines) things tend to get a bit messy on my desk. Usually I like my desk tidy, putting paints back in the rack when I finished using them, moving the miniatures and brushes aside, etc. But these rules don't seem to count when I'm nearly finished. The assembly desk usually has it's share of mess, with new projects starting up.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Best of Summer 2012

Amazing how fast the last couple of months went by. With a lot of rainy weather most of the summer wasn't really a summer, but the shortening of days now proofs to me that it is indeed coming to an end.

Highlight of this year's summer was obviously my trip to the German Games Day. A very inspirational journey indeed! But looking at some links as they were posted on my Facebook page shows that there has been a lot of great painting going on as well:

Scarface and Cordelia by Angel Giráldez
Chaos Lord by C'tan
Khador Heavy Warjack by Steel Demons
Hound of Scathach by Ringil
Abigale by mrika
Jabba by Bonelord
Isabella Von Carstein by Lan Studio
Horror Circus by Minos
Brom by Emuse

Kinetic 7, a new skirmish games magazine

Making of "marcheur de pélerinage" by Cedric Lurkin
Great use of a snail shell by Mirko Cavalloni
Dwarf 1, Dwarf 2 by Haekel & Jaeckel

Video tutorial: painting black space marine armour




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