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Magnetizing guide at Flames of War website

I recently bought some small magnets on eBay to use in my Space Marine army (I'm thinking of magnetizing a dreadnought or maybe some tanks). Last week this article on magnetizing was posted on the official Flames of War website.

It's a good primer on the use of magnets in my opinion.

Jade Traid warband finished

Finished these figures two weeks ago... finally had some time to take pictures. I'm really happy about the final result.

Crisis 2008

Last weekend the annual event Crisis was held in Antwerp by local club TSA. I missed last year's edition, so I can't really compare to the previous one, but compared to two years ago this one was much more crowded and more interesting shops were present.

Some highlights were Fantasy Gelände, with their new natural materials range, Black Cat Bases which brought Hasslefree Miniatures to the show and a small stand displaying a new game: Okko. This is yet another new game by some French miniature superstars and it is set in the Japanese universe of the comic strips and they offer both unpainted and pre-painted figures.

The painting competition was a very solid one this year. Not too many entries, only the single fantasy category had a high number of entries, but the average quality level for each category was very high. A rather small group of people attended the award ceremony afterwards, which added even more to the friendly and intimate atmosphere among the competitors.

When I first visited Crisis 5 years ago the painting competition mainly had historical miniatures. But now this is completely different. Several of the historical categories had only a few entries. Maybe the organisation should consider putting some of these together in one historical overall? The youngbloods category was also a bit of a disappointment this time, but the winner really deserved it. The best of show award went to Stefanie Arndt's piece 'Herbstspaziergang', well deserved I must say. Sven Wichert was another big winner, together with Brenda Gosman from Holland. I didn't enter anything new for this edition, but I won bronze with my Hell Dorado Demons unit :)

Here are some pictures from the event, expect a full photo report when I finally have a gallery :)

See you all next year.

The event was very crowded this year.

The different stands ranged from miniature manufacturers to hobby suppliers like this one.

An impressive table by a wargamers club from Dortmund, Germany.

Historical wargames still make up the mainstay of Crisis.

The beautiful demo table for the Okko game.

The crowded single fantasy category from the painting competition.

Some highlights from the competition entries:

WFB Lizardmen Stegadon & Crisis

Check this baby out. This is a planned release for February, when the new Lizardmen armybook comes out.

The Anima figures are completely finished, I took pictures last night but no time yet to put them online.

By the way you will notice a gallery is still missing here... I hope to fix that problem really soon.

And tomorrow is Crisis in Antwerp, I hope to meet a lot of people again, since I could not get there last year. Stay tuned for a report and a picture gallery of the event somewhere next week.



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