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Brood Master WIP 2

Brood Master WIP 1

I bought the amazing Brood Master sculpt by Taban Miniatures at last year's Crisis. Below is a picture I took from the figure at the Taban booth, where they were showcasing their Eden skirmish game. If you look carefully you see two versions of this figure, the one on the back has an extra bit attached (you can see a pole rising from behind his back).

Here's the figure, really loving that creepy little girl clenched to him :) It will be a big challenge to paint this figure, there are so many focus points.

It was this pole that got me the idea for the base. This top-heavy piece has only one small attachment point with the figure, thus making the whole very fragile. So the initial plan was to mount this on a bit of steel wire attached to the base, for extra stability. But that idea got a bit out of hand. I decided to make a triangular construction, by making the steel wire going through the bottom of the plinth (which is actually the packaging of my iPod Shuffle :) where it is stuck in place with Milliput. To add a bit more variation I attached some plastic and balsa. Then I started with the ropes. I attached one bit of thread on a steel wire hook, and in two other places they are attached to resin bits (by Pardulon). Then the base was covered with Vallejo White Pumice and more detailing was added. When this is dry I will probably add some more fine detail: sand, plants, ...

Here I'm holding the figure in place with a pair of tweezers.

Can't wait to start painting :)

Back with some goblins!

Wow, 3 months without updates! What have I been up to?

After a long and cold winter and spring, I have been doing like most of people here in Belgium: enjoying the nice weather. We had a fantastic summer and I spent a lot of time outside with the kids and on my racing bicycle. And of course there were some holidays as well :) Something less fun that happened to me were some problems with my lower back... just sitting, standing, sleeping was all very painfull, let alone hunching forward over a miniature. So that also kept me from the painting table as well the last couple of weeks.

But now that summer is coming to an end, inspiration and motivation are returning. I decided to gently get back in the flow by continuing The Hobbit set. Working on the second batch of gobling warriors and some of the characters, including the Goblin King.

With some painting competitions coming up in the near future I also started working on a new showcase project, but that's something for the next blog post :)




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