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Continued where I left off

I did two short painting sessions this week, finally :) I decided to continue where I left off: Rackham's Bregan-Apostate of Darkness. Before my break I already painted his cloak, now I'm doing the armor bit by bit, until I get to the skin. I know there are a bunch of errors on the figure, which is normal when picking up a brush again after a 10 week break I think, but there's still a lot of brush control and confidence.

Here's what I have so far:

Batteries somewhat recharged

Hello everyone!

Wow, that was a long time away from the hobby! About two months and a half I think... after finishing Han Solo some pretty busy times showed up: lots of work at the office (deadlines!) and around the house (redoing my entire garden). Basically I felt too tired and stressed in the evening to even think about painting. And for me no painting means no blogging, not posting on forums, not even reading other blogs or looking at CMON.

But three weeks ago I went on holiday to France... it came just in time. The holiday itself was very inspiring, we went to the Loire region, well known for its castles. When I got back home my batteries were somewhat recharged again. Too bad a lot of work in my garden was still waiting for me. But the good news is that at the moment I'm writing this the last tiles of my new terrace and renewed driveway are laid down, so that's a big project which is finished already!

The last couple of days I find myself browsing miniature-related websites and blogs again, and returning to my regular forum. Hey I'm even writing on my blog! So I bet a return to the painting table is not far away. Not sure what I will do yet, just before my hiatus I started working on a Rackham figure (Apostate of Darkness). It's a big and rather complex figure, so I guess I will search my abandoned projects drawer for something easy to casually paint up to get back into the mood. So hopefully I will be able to show you some work in progress pictures very soon.

In the meantime here are some inspiring pictures from my holiday.




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