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Impact Miniature Event 2014 event coverage

A while ago I got invited to book a table for painting demos at Impact Miniature Event in Uden, The Netherlands. I never really heard about the event, but decided to anyway. It's more of a gaming event than a painting event, but I had a good time there nonetheless. I had a table with Pascal Rooze and Maartje Giesbers (usually one of those is always involved in such an event :), next to us there were some members of Scale Model Factory and on the other side Peter Zuidgeest from Scar's Miniature Madness together with Michiel Coppens.

There was also a small painting competition there, which I didn't really plan on entering. But since all the other painters were entering something I decided to take on the challenge and to enter something. To my surprise my Project PC-MMIX won first prize in the regiment/diorama category! And on top of that I was also awarded a very nice trophee by Scale Model Factory, for the most creative entry.

Below you can find a picture of that trophee and then some pictures from the show. For the full gallery go here.

Showcase: Project PC-MMIX




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