Corvus' Miniatures

Painted sf & fantasy miniatures by Gerrie Schenck

Work in progress of two Red Box Games figures

I decided to start painting the two figures which belong to the 'HelsVakt' race. I think they are perfectly suited for an alternative skintone, so I used a mix of medium skintone and dark grey. And like I thought those Red Box Games figures are a blast to paint!

Starting some Red Box Games figures

A while ago I got some Red Box Games figures, and I remember being almost speechless when I opened the envelope and studied these small wonders one by one. These are some of the finest figures I have ever seen... I will not spend more time praising them now, you will get a full review of them soon.

In the meantime, here's a very early work in progress of all four figures I got, ready to be primed:

Kabuki Models Executioness WIP I

Regular readers of this blog will remember this post where I unpacked a Kabuki Models figure I ordered. I finally started working on it last week. The skin is done, I'm not entirely happy with it (I had a slightly different color in mind) but I will to to fix this with some glazes.

Finished Mantic Undead vs Elf vignette

Pretty pleased about the end result, especially because I didn't put that much time in. I don't think I spent more than 10 hours on it. Ok, it's not the best paintjob in the world, but I painted it up just for fun.




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