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Painted sf & fantasy miniatures by Gerrie Schenck


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Chest of Colors is an international painting team with its roots in Poland. Team members are responsible for the website's content (articles, gallery) but there's also an open community built around it, which can be found on the forum. A part of the team is available for commission painting.

Support Corvus' Miniatures

Supporting me will yield your product or service a lot of visibility in the miniature painting community: a small banner will be featured on the front page of this blog, and a larger one, with a small description on the page you see now. On top of that I will also use and endorse your product. I will talk about it in various blog posts, forums and galleries (like CoolMiniOrNot).

Her's an idea bout the amount of hobbyists you can potentially reach: currently this blog gets more than 100 unique visitors each day. Extensive product reviews usually cross the 1000 pageviews mark.

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Completely fictive example: you are a manufacturer of a new line of paints. You want me to try them out, get some feedback. I like the product so you send some more of the paints. I review them, then start using them on my miniatures. I will mention this new paint line in posts (like work in progress reports, pictures of finished miniatures) I make on my blog and the different forums. And of course you will get a banner on the front page and on this page.



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