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Best of March 2012

When I look at the list below I think the best news of March 2012 was the information about two very interesting projects which are currently under development: Confrontation: Phoenix Edition, which will mark the return of an active ruleset and (hopefully) affordable re-releases of their miniatures. The other interesting news is a new game called "Wrath of Kings", which is developed under the wings of CoolMiniOrNot. Very interesting times ahead indeed!

Painted Figures

Primus Death by Iguazzu
Slaneesh Demon Prince by In The Middle
Primus Death by

New Releases

Confrontation, the return?
Wrath of Kings preview
Lich by Otherworld Miniatures
Forgeworld Limited Edition figure
BaneBeasts Krull


Original Rackham artwork
James Wappel's blog
Andrea 54mm review by Marta
Tan-Kaïr Tutorial
Amazing Iron Painter 8 entry


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