Corvus' Miniatures

Painted sf & fantasy miniatures by Gerrie Schenck

The Hobbit: first two dwarves

Just finished the Wiz-War figures and waiting for some miniatures for a commission to arrive, good excuse to continue painting on The Hobbit miniatures :)

The scenery is also 80% painted (no pictures yet), after that I'll have to do two other dwarves (Oin and Fili) and a Goblin character and then I'm ready for the first game :)

Showcase: Wiz-War figures

Figures from the Wiz-War board game by Fantasy Flight Games. Tabletop Quality.

Painting Crusade X link collection

One week since Painting Crusade X. Here's an overview of the different report that have been going around in the blogosphere:

Benoit Ménard's afterthoughts 
Volomir's report - part 2 (can you spot me? :)
Antonio Ponte's pictures on flickr (it was nice talking to you Antonio)
Pictures by Philip Prinz and Roman Lappat on Facebook
Minicreateurs forum thread
Florian Nampont's pictures on Facebook
Jungle Report on Massive Voodoo
Impressions on Panique dans la vitrine blog

and finally:

My own report
The official Painting Crusade website
My video report:

Painting afternoon

Today I took part in a small painters gathering at Gert's place. A good mix of paints, miniatures, coffee and cookies :D




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