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Best of February 2012

No "best of" last month, sorry. But here a bunch of interesting links to make up for that. This is what caught my eye in February 2012:

Painted Figures

Forgeworld Wight King Banner Bearer by Emuse
Rhino King by Jarhead
Cadwallon Scarecrow by McSciar
Imperial Fists by Arsies
Abyssal Warlord by Suou
The Old Death by Gabilinchy
15.000 points Warhammer 40K army by GMM Studios


TutoFig relaunched
Tutorial: Imothek by Ana
NMM Steel by MaGie
Malekith's Finecast Necron Lord slowly turning into jelly

New Releases

Blight Wheel Steampunk Tank
Banelegions Vilthiss
Benelegions Kraan


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