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Best of September 2011

If you are subscribed to Corvus' Miniatures on facebook then you will already know I post interesting links now and then, ranging from articles to painted miniatures on CMON. But since the majority of the readers on this blog aren't on facebook, I'd like to make a post at the end of every month including some of the more interesting links I've stumbled upon during that month.

I'm not going to bother putting them in a particular order, I think each link describes its content pretty well. Let me know if you found this entertaining or not.

Amazing freehand combined with a very realistic transparency effect, especially the cloth lying on the floor. 

"The Taming", great concept, bronze Golden Demon at GD Spain 2011.

The Tuto-Thèque, a library of miniature painting tutorials, brought to my attention by Massive Voodoo. Quite a valuable resource!

Very good picture report of this years GD UK, by Cédric Lurkin.

Confrontation re-release by CMON. Great news, I thought, until I noticed the price :( Worth mentioning anyway.

Epic tutorial on how Raffa's 2010 GD Germany Slayer Sword winner came to be.

Bregan: final WIP

He's coming along nicely in my opinion, taken into account the little time I can put in him. Finished the base this weekend, very pleased with it.

Still two weeks until DUZI, I want to enter him in the competition.

Bregan's Base

This VoodooWorx resin plinth has been in my drawer for quite a while now. I always found the stairs too big for a 28mm figure. But since Bregan is a lot bigger than the average 28mm figure it perfectly suits the base. I added an extra touch to it with some skulls and plant roots.

New layout!

The new layout of my blog is finally finished! No need to include screen shots or anything, you can see the thing for itself on

The most important change is probably the menu bar at the top. Instead of relying on tags to to organize content, I have now created some separate pages for articles, reviews and event coverage. And there's finally a  real gallery now. I don't have put up all miniatures yet, just those from the past few years (they're not as many as I'd like), the rest will have to wait a little bit longer. The about page still misses some pictures, I'll add these soon.

On the top right there are links to social media sites I'm active on. If you scroll down you'll see boxes to follow me on blogger and facebook (still working to get that last one active). You can also like and share posts on facebook too.

I have also made some room for supporters. If you think your product or service can use some extra attention in the painting community then check out the details here.

Anyway I hope you like it. It's a big leap both design and content wise, I'm very happy about the final result. For some reason I always thought the previous design to be temporary, in the end it took 3 years before it was replaced :)

UPDATE: Added pictures to the about page, but they're still a problem a problem with the image sizes there. Failed to fix the facebook like button, so I disabled it for now...

Summer's end

Temperatures raised to 30 degrees last weekend, but tonight the first autumnal storm (that's how the weatherman called it) has hit the northern part of Belgium. I guess this year's summer is over.

I think the picture below summarizes it all:

The sky is darkened by the storm, rain drops on the window, ... but this doesn't mean it's all bad news :)

When you compare it to these pictures, you'll notice some things have changed in the garden. Over the past few months I've been doing a lot of work preparing it for a new lawn (which will be laid by the end of this month), building and painting a new garden shed, replacing the driveway and pathways around the house, preparing everything for a new terrace, ... I'm very happy the end of this huge project is finally in sight! This will mean I will have more time and energy again for painting :)

I have a lot of great ideas for miniatures to paint, but right now I want to focus on the new website layout. I've managed to test it on a couple of different browsers and tablets (including iPad), and it does its job very well. It will be very rewarding to see it online finally. The updated blogger also helps a lot with the work, the new design is really streamlined, I like it a lot.

I also want to grab the opportunity to thank all followers, I have over 200 of them now, thank you!! Remember I also have a page on facebook: and twitter:

Apostle of Darkness, second WIP

Skin is done, basecoated all armor pieces, and shaded some.

Just finished another armor plate, so here's an updated picture.




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