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Painted sf & fantasy miniatures by Gerrie Schenck

Cloud backdrops for your miniature photographs

Available for download, in a selection of colors, images which you can use as a backdrop for your miniature photographs. I'm planning to put up a similar set of classic gradients very soon.

Be sure to put the bright spot behind the figure for a very nice effect.

Finally: a photo studio for my miniatures

For a long while I have plans for a dedicated photo studio for taking pictures of painted miniatures. The most common solution for taking macro photographs is a lightbox. You can buy these out-of-the-box (this is a little fabric tent) or make one of your own with a cardboard box and some translucent paper. But the drawback (for me at least) is that it takes up some room and you need at least two decent lights to get good results.

But last week I got an idea for a compact photo studio after seeing this picture on the Mantic Games website: it actually features walls with aluminum foil to reflect and disperse the light.

So I used a cardboard box, cut out one side and the top and the bottom, and used some tape to cover it with aluminum foil. I also put some foil on the floor of the small studio. It's easy to fold up and store flat somewhere.

Since I have only one light, I positioned it right in front of the mini. On the picture you can also see my tripod, which doesn't have a camera on it obviously:

I'm also testing out a new backdrop I have created instead of the usual gray gradient... I think the sepia one looks best, what do you think? Oh yeah: I will be offering these backgrounds to download soon. I created them myself in Photoshop.

Here's a comparison with my previous photo setup. I think it's really a big difference.

When I have enough room and the cash to buy some decent daylight lamps I will most probably build myself a big lightbox studio, but right now I think this is a great alternative. And I'm really happy about my new backdrops as wel.

Mantic undead versus elf vignette WIP II

Assembling and basing for this little diorama has been very fun, but unfortunately the priming didn't go so smoothly. Since a few months I'm using Army Painter primer. Great stuff, but the can sprays a lot more primer than your usual canned varnish or primer. I primed the skeleton first, so he got way too much primer on him. Especially the skull and most of the frontal areas, such as the shield. The base and dead elf came second, they were primed to near perfection, simply because I got used to the Army Painter primer again...

Normally I would go crazy when something like that happened, but not this time, since I already decided I wouldn't paint this one up to a very high standard. I'm going for a quick paintjob on this one... there are some miniatures in the mail I will be reviewing and painting soon. This is still a secret project, can't tell you guys anything more at the moment, sorry :)

Corvus' Miniatures on Facebook

I've just created a Facebook page for Corvus' Miniatures. There's nothing there yet, but you can already become a fan of course. This is the link to the page:



Corvus' Miniatures on Facebook