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Desktop update May 2015 - Operation Icestorm

Hello everyone. Yes I know, updates have been lacking so far this year. It's almost June and only one post so far (Painting Crusade report). But it's not the first time this blog has gone quiet for a few months, it usually goes hand in hand with painting motivation, which comes and goes.

After finishing the TGCM Miniatures commission (work in progress here, but I did another batch of figures after that), I didn't really feel like immediately starting another project. The motivation would return after Painting Crusade I thought. But the fact that I did not take part in that event's painting competition made it feel a bit different. No inspirational boost which usually comes after winning (and even loosing) at a competition. So that proves that competing is much more important than winning I know now :)

Anyway a few months back I bought the Infinity starter box Operation Icestorm, on which I am now slowly working.

Starting with the PanOceania forces. As usual with this kind of projects I'm going for a good gaming standard, focusing on contrast rather than smoothness. But the sculpts are amazing, so that really helps.

More pictures to follow soon :)



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