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Conflict 2012 event coverage

Last weekend (21 & 22 April) the Belgian club Conect'r held its annual Warhammer tournament, called Conflict. The organizers have the ambition to let this event grow into more than a tournament, so this year for the first time there was some room for painting. I was contacted by club member Stijn Aerts, a very motivated fellow, to get involved into setting up a painting competition. We worked things out through e-mail, and I paid the event a visit on Sunday to give a painting demo and help with the judging of the painting competition.

Here you can see the small hall, with a trader, a modeling club (red table cloth), and my painting table (right to the modeler's). This was also the place where the tournament players could have a snack and a drink between battles.

The painting competition. The guy with the red shirt is Stijn.

In total there were 100 entries, which was a lot more than we expected. The only downside, from my (a painter's) point of view, was that only a few entries were painted especially for the competition. Most entries were by tournament players which entered some well painted miniatures of their other armies. Nothing wrong with that of course! I was really amazed with the quality level of some "tabletop quality" figures.

Check them out:

Best of show winner:

The main hall. Sunday was the day the 40k tournament was held.

The friendly guys from Modelbouwclub Leuven:

This is Gijs Hagelsteens, a very talented figure painter. Too bad he only does historical large scale models :)

And finally this is me :)

My display:

I painted the following figure at the event. I think I spent 2 hours in total. I gave it to Stijn as a present ;)

It was a fun day, I met a lot of nice people and we already discussed how we could make the event better next year. The club's ambition is to raise more interest in painting in Flanders (Dutch speaking part of Belgium) again so I should really support this. As far as I know it's currently the only painting competition of it's kind in this part of our country.

If you're from Flanders and you're interested in competition level painting of sf & fantasy miniatures, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me:

Desktop Update: Crowded

Not much painting going on lately... I think I only spent a couple of hours at the painting table last month. But before we take a look on what I'm working an announcement:

Next weekend I will be painting at the Conflict 2012 event in Gelrode, Belgium. I will also be judging the painting competition there. If you are at the event, be sure to say hi :) More information can be found here:

Over to the desk. The Drune project is still status quo:

Spent some time preparing a batch of Titan Wargames Chaods Dwarves. Expect a review soon.

Going for an alternative color scheme:

And then there's this little side project. It's a cut-up Tau Air Caste by Forgeworld:

Happy painting!



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