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Dark Vlad WIP 2

Painting has started :)

Scale Model Challenge 2012 - part 3: our table

Welcome to the third and final part of my Scale Model Challenge 2012 report. Read part 1 here, part 2 here.

In this part I just want to share some pictures of our table. I teamed up with Maartje, Pascal and Gert to spend the day painting and showing our miniatures to the public.

Pascal at work:

Gert painting:

First person view :)

Maartje and I:

Maartje guarding the fort:

Some of Pascal and Gert's models on display:

Maartje's miniatures:

My display:

Coconut bread, hmmm yummy! Actually this is Maartje's palette :)

Pascal's painting is so good he actually scared off these kids:

In the afternoon this little guy was sitting on my table. It's a gift from Raffa (Massive Voodoo):

What a fun day we had!

And in the end our "team" brought home three prizes from the painting contest: gold for Pascal and Maartje and a silver medal for me. Picture by Pascal (source).

Dark Vlad WIP 1

Early next year will be quite busy competition-wise, with Wamped! III and Massive Voodoo's Bananalicious contests both in January (online), and Painting Crusade (a real-life painting contest) in February. So it's best to start working on some entries early :) This Dark Vlad figure by Enigma will be used for the competition at Wamp.

The base still needs a lot of work, and the figure itself will require a bit of green stuff on his right wrist (it was kind of a bad fit there). Had a lot of fun building the wall with miniature bricks, but it's very time consuming.

Scale Model Challenge 2012 Link Collection

Here's a list of links I could find with reports from Scale Model Challenge 2012. If you would like to have your own article included in this list then please post it in the comments. And of course there's still my own report: part 1, part 2, part 3. I have also put up a gallery on facebook, feel free to tag :)

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Finally  here's a link to the painting competition results.

Scale Model Challenge 2012 coverage - part 2: the competition

Read part 1 here.
Part 3 is here.

The painting competition at SMC 2012 was great in every aspect: a very big and full area, hundreds of entries in 25 categories, loads of special trophies and an overall level which was very high. The award ceremony took about 1 hour! Only downside to this was that not all winning entries were projected on the screen, only the gold medal winners. Understandably, because this huge event is the work of only one club of dedicated people. I'm very impressed by the entire organisation, not only the painting competition.

Like I said in my previous post this is a scale modeling event, so the better part of the categories were for military scale models, historical busts, large scale figures, etc. I was really blown away when I checked the table with the various tank entries, literally a sea of tanks :)

I'm not going to post all the pictures of the historical entries here, this doesn't really target the audience of my blog and there are already a lot of galleries on the web with good pictures of these categories. If you haven't found any yet don't worry I am compiling a link collection for you.

But there were some non-sf/fantasy things which caught my eye, for example this diorama which seems to be based on an historical photograph which is pictured on the base:

Airplanes and helicopters, remind me of my childhood days when I used to glue together these plastic kits :)

And those flats still intrigue me :)

And then the large scale categories...

...with realistic entries...

and funny ones:

Ok now some pictures of what you came for, I think there were 3 or 4 categories for sf and fantasy stuff.

Enjoy! :)

Continue to part 3!



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