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Summer's end

Temperatures raised to 30 degrees last weekend, but tonight the first autumnal storm (that's how the weatherman called it) has hit the northern part of Belgium. I guess this year's summer is over.

I think the picture below summarizes it all:

The sky is darkened by the storm, rain drops on the window, ... but this doesn't mean it's all bad news :)

When you compare it to these pictures, you'll notice some things have changed in the garden. Over the past few months I've been doing a lot of work preparing it for a new lawn (which will be laid by the end of this month), building and painting a new garden shed, replacing the driveway and pathways around the house, preparing everything for a new terrace, ... I'm very happy the end of this huge project is finally in sight! This will mean I will have more time and energy again for painting :)

I have a lot of great ideas for miniatures to paint, but right now I want to focus on the new website layout. I've managed to test it on a couple of different browsers and tablets (including iPad), and it does its job very well. It will be very rewarding to see it online finally. The updated blogger also helps a lot with the work, the new design is really streamlined, I like it a lot.

I also want to grab the opportunity to thank all followers, I have over 200 of them now, thank you!! Remember I also have a page on facebook: and twitter:


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