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Work in progress: Cryx and the new blog design

I'm currently enjoying my last days of vacation. I took a Cryx starter set with me to do some casual painting. My expectation was to have finished most of the lot by now, but only three of them are halfway done.

Too bad they are plagued by a bad primer job, it ended up very grainy. But this is totally my fault, since the spray can I'm currently using has a clogged up spray nozzle, and I'm too lazy to get a new one :) Well maybe it's time for a new one now, before I really ruin a rare or expensive mini.

Here's a picture, I went for a streaked look for the armor. The green bits were also fun to paint. Most of the areas which are left now will be done in metallics.

Another project I'm working is a new design for this blog. I never really liked the current design, but it was a quick solution for my needs when I started it and never felt like putting too much time in it. So a while ago I found a template which I really liked and started tweaking it to suit my taste. Along with the new design I will also introduce a couple of dedicated pages such as a gallery. There's no ETA for the new template, but don't be surprised when the look of this blog suddenly changes :)


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