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Painting Crusade XII (2015) picture report

Last weekend the 2015 edition of Painting Crusade was held in Namur, Belgium. This year I did not compete in the competition, but I spent the entire Sunday afternoon at the show, looking at the miniatures on display and taking pictures. Here is the result:

Google+ gallery
Facebook gallery

Holiday update 2014

Hey everyone, a quick update post which will probably be the last one of 2014. So I'll grab this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays and already a happy 2015!

The last couple of weeks I've mainly been working on a big commission consisting of a batch of figures for the 52mm skirmish game Briskars by TGCM Creations. The casting quality isn't the greatest, but it has been fun painting these figures so far.

Here are four figures from the Quintors faction, as good as finished:

Another batch I finished are these dodo's, which are in fact objective markers.

After this there are 4 figures for the monkey faction left.

See you next year! :)

Desktop update November 2014

Hey everyone, quick roundup of what's been on my desk lately.

These are some Infinity Morats I finished a while ago, I haven't shown them on the blog I think. Good pictures incoming :)

Stephen Rao is also finished, except for the base.

And this is the figure I am currently painting, a Malifaux Flesh Construct.

I'm also testing out a new photo setup, black backdrop and more room for armies etc. Results of the first test will be shown here soon :)

Infinity Stephen Rao WIP

Taking "gaming quality" a step too far yet again :)

Scale Model Challenge 2014 event report

This year's edition was a very crowded one, it looks like SMC just keeps on growing! The layout of the main hall was improved and offered more space for clubs, there was a separate expo zone and an incorporated game zone. Last year's game zone was replaced by even more traders. Scale Model Factory, the organizing club, did another flawless job, everything was just perfect.

Just like the last editions, my friends Maartje, Gert, Pascal and myself occupied a table in the club area. We decided to put all of our models on one side of the table, which offered a more impressive showcase. But we also noticed that there were a lot less people inclined to start a chat with us, as opposed to the previous years where we displayed our miniatures right in front of us. But we also spent less time behind the table, there was simply too much to see!

The expo zone was dominated by Massive Voodoo, again with some nice models on display:

Also good to see some of my friends from Paint Your Imagination also had a nice display set up:

Also on their table, a very nostalgic figure and paintjob, the Rackham Dirz bust by Dirk Stiller, fantastic to see this one again!

But the eye catcher of the main hall was probably the huge diorama displaying the Clervaux (Luxembourg) castle during the heavy fighting of World War II. This was the final show where it was put on display, it will now be moved to a museum. The entire thing is 25 square meters!

Just behind the corner the trade area started. The nicest booth there was probably the one from Painting Buddha. I also managed to have a talk with owner and fellow blogger Michael Bartels, what a friendly guy, with a lot of devotion to the hobby.

The painting competition was also bigger this year, with more than 800 entries. The downside to this was that especially the fantasy & sf figure categories where really full, so there were a lot of figures in a small area, making it hard to quietly have a look at the figures and take pictures.

And then it was time for the super-long prize ceremony with me winning silver in the standard sf & fantasy figure category :D

All pictures are available on both Facebook and Google+, and please check below for a compilation of clips I filmed at the show. See you all next year!

Scale Model Challenge 2014 gallery on Google+
Scale Model Challenge 2014 gallery on Facebook

Back from SMC 2014

When last year's Scale Model Challenge was over, I thought it was hard to do any better. But it seems this event is still growing more popular! A huge show overall, with tens of clubs and traders, and a painting competition with nearly 800 entries. And now the rumour goes that this event might cover an entire weekend next year. We'll see, but it's good to see this is still growing.

It's been a fantatic day overall, I met a lot of new people and others which I haven't seen for years. The day was definitely too short :)

The painting competition went pretty well for me. It hasn't been a very productive year for me competition-pieces wise, but nonetheless one of my two entries managed to win something. My Haqqislam Remote won me a silver medal in the SF & Fantasy figures advanced category.

I planned on buying some new Infinity, or something else 28mm gaming related, but alas most traders were geared towards military modeling and larger scale figure painting. But last week I removed all my useless paints from my collection, so I had to replace some of them. I also bought a couple of plinths.

I now have more than 200 pictures and more than 50 video clips to go through, so I hope to put a picture gallery online in the next few days and a video by next weekend.

Infinity Morats on the desk and SMC coming up!

It's that time of year again (yes time flies): Scale Model Challenge is upon us! Just like the last two years I will have a table at the club area together with my regular partners in crime: Maartje, Pascal and Geert. Please don't be shy and stop by for a chat!

In case you missed it, check out my 2013 and 2012 reports and the SMC website.

And did I mention Infinity? Yes! Lately this fantastic line of figures seems to have gotten even better, so I could resist picking up some of the more recent sculpts. These guys are called the Morate Vanguard Infantry. Going for a good gaming quality paintjob here, with the emphasis on contrast. I hope you like them!




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