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Desktop Shot IV - a time of change

Welcome to Desktop Shot, a very rare feature on this blog :)

Actually the purpose of this post isn't to show what's on my blog, but rather to announce what I already quoted in my post Ride into 2010: I'm returning to showcase painting again. This will also mean there will be some changes to this blog, and I need your input on this... more on this later in this post.

So what can be seen on my desk for the moment? First of all there's the almost-done Deathwing unit, together with the bases, which I will show you in detail in a following post.

But there are three things in this picture which have to do with my return to showcase painting. First of all there's the wet palette in the left bottom corner: it's made out of the packaging for cheese, together with paper towel and baking paper: works like a charm! I will be using this palette a lot in the future to get better paint consistency and longer working times for my mixes.

In the center of the image, between the two Vallejo bottles, there's a little test figure I've been working on. I plan to do a lot of experimenting and this figure was used to work out new recipes for painting metallics. It's also mounted on one of my new painting handles. I'll be blogging about these subjects really soon.

The third thing are the brushes in the bottom right corner, which contains some freshly ordered Rosemary & Co series 33 brushes.

Remember I needed your input? Well here's why: recently I've been very inspired by Jarhead's blog. Not only because of his great painting, but also because of his way of blogging. Instead of showing work in progress as a picture of a mini at a certain stage of painting, he sometimes includes a little tutorial, for example a WIP post about a figure with its armor finished will be accompanied with pictures of how the armor was painted. It is this specific style of blogging which I want to try to adapt. Kind of a mix between WIP and how-to. Are there any particular steps or techniques which you want to have covered in detail?
I also want to write some quality articles for my blog. Are there any subjects on which you want to find out more? I already have some ideas, but more suggestions are always welcome.

Please comment if you have any suggestions. Otherwise, I hope you will enjoy what I will paint and blog in the future!


Gewaltatron said... @ January 15, 2010 at 2:19 PM

How about some words on your Deathwing Terminators? Especially about the armour!
Would be nice..

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