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Finished: Mantic Games Elves

I've been working on them way too long, mainly because they got mixed up with some other projects I was painting at the same time, so I'm happy they're finally done.

It's not really the showcase quality paintjob I wanted to give them at first, but I think the painting really does these figures justice. It's a good gaming quality paintjob for a good gaming quality figure.

Talking about Mantic: they will present their new army (probably undead) at Spiel 2009 this week. Since I'm visiting that event Sunday, expect some preview pictures soon!

Anyway here are the finished Elves. Difficult to take decent pictures of such a group... Oh yeah: they're based on GW bases, in case someone wants to know (again :).


Anonymous said... @ October 25, 2009 at 6:26 PM

they really look good, found it by the forum on their website,


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