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Painting service

If you would like to have some of your miniatures painted by me, that is perfectly possible: I'm available for commission work. It doesn't matter if you want 10 Warmachine troopers painter, or a single 40K Ork Warboss, everything is welcome. I have more than 5 years of experience in the field of commissioned miniature painting, and I painted for people all around the globe, all kinds of armies and miniatures, all kinds of quality levels.

In the past I always provide my customers with a list of quality levels and approximate prizing. I've decided not to work with such a list here, because the complexity of miniatures is so different nowadays that fixing a price for a given quality level is extremely difficult. Complexity is measured by two things: the number of surfaces that have to be painted in a different color (for example a space marine with an entirely red armor versus an ork with armor, exposed skin and two types of clothing) and the required assembly (one part plastics versus multi-part metal miniatures that require pinning).

So the best way to get to know the price for the stuff you want to have painted is to contact me through This is the information I require:
  • The brand and type of miniatures.
  • The total amount of figures.
  • The desired quality level (more on this later).
  • The type of basing you want.
  • Do I have to buy the miniatures for you?
  • If you provide me with the miniatures, what state are they in (new in box, already assembled and primed, ...).
The most decisive factor in the price of the finished miniature(s) is of course the quality level of the painting. What's the kind of miniatures you want painted and what are you going to use them for? A rank and file soldier could have enough with just a basic paint job: a basecoat, some shading and one or two highlights. Miniatures that could benefit from a higher quality paintjob are unit leaders or figures which fight in smaller group (typically in skirmish games). Here more attention will be paid to the paintjob, two layers of shading is quite common, and also two or three highlights will be applied. Still want a better quality paintjob? No problem, the only limit is the amount you want to spend on the figure(s) and of course your own imagination. Another factor that is important is the type of base you want: is some painted sand with static grass enough or do you want to put the model on a large base? Everything is possible.

Assembly is usually quite straightforward: all mold lines are cleaned, the model is assembled (using pinning where necessary) and any gaps are filled. After that the model is put on its base and primed using a high quality model primer. After the painting is done the base is finished and the miniature receives multiple layers of matte varnish.

Payment is done using PayPal (cash and bank transfer is available for Belgian customers). When I have to buy the miniatures for you I ask some money up front to cover the cost of the miniatures and also a bit of the final price as a guarantee. Shipping is done using Belgium national post service. Your items will be securely packed and shipped when all payments have been received. If you want some more information about shipping costs then please include that question in your price quote.

If you have any questions, require more information about a certain subject or of course for price quotes: please contact me by mailing to Thank you!


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