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Imperial Valkyrie WIP II

Due to the boiling hot weather of the last couple of weeks I didn't really get much painting done. But here's a small update on the progress.

I'm currently almost done shading the entire model. I did this with slightly dilluted Vallejo black wash. The sides and the tail part still has to be done.

As a proof of concept I already painted the canopy a bit more. After the shading I cleaned up the mistakes and proceeded with 3 layers of drybrushing, each one having more Vallejo Model Color Silver White mixed in with the base coat, the last one being pure Silver White.

I'm quite happy with the result. It's quick and easy and looks more realistic than my usual, traditional highlighting technique, which would take forever on this model. My plan is to add some weathering and rust to the canopy and then this first bit is finished.


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