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CMON Favorites VI

It's been quite a while since I posted my last 'CMON Favorites', here's a selection of the highlights of the past few months:
  • Empire Amethys Wizard by Mr F - Smooth, clean painting and perfect up to the finest details.
  • Boss Snikrot by camelson - Nice paintjob with a muted colorscheme but at the same time a lot of contrast.
  • Terezinya and Familiar by Ickthorne - The black rocks together with the dead leaves and grass offer a lot of contrast. Good idea!
  • Nurgle Blight Drone by akaranseth - Gruesome piece of work with some great effects.
  • Legion Commander by Bobinator - Best flame painting ever.
  • Daemon Hunter Inquisitor Lord by RAFFY10 - Nicely done armour and great metallics.
  • Krieg Command Squad by Arsies - Gold in the 40K unit category of Golden Demon Spain 2009.
  • Red Karnagh by Landreth - The base is great but the painting is even better.
  • ORCombinator by Artur - An Orc in Terminator armor.
  • Assassin Fiday by Random Factory - One of my favorite Infinity miniatures in a splendid paintjob.
  • Tanath by Kurts - Great way to honor this classic Rackham mini.
  • The Explorer by paloji - Another GD Spain winner, great setting.
  • The Headhunter by Crackpot - One more figure with a great setting, remember Cadwallon?
  • Cadian Navy Valkyrie by Hortwerth - This is why the base of the Valkyrie is so big.

I would like to conclude this post with a list of amazing paintjobs on my favorite miniature of the past few months: the Chaos Lord on Juggernaut by Games Workshop:
I've been considering to paint this figure since the day it came out, but I think it's too much monotonous work to paint it in one go. Maybe when I finish my Valkyrie I should take it in consideration once again.


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