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Gallery update: 2004

I added a link to my gallery to the menu on the right, but it's still work in progress actually. After uploading some WIP and finished pictures and event coverages it's somewhat taking shape, but it's still quite empty to serve as a representative portfolio of my work.

The plan is to upload some of my older pictures. Not all of them because there's a lot of poor quality paintjobs and photos among them, but just some highlights. You will notice some watermarks on the pictures which point to my older sites (the original Corvus' Miniatures and Pendragon Studios). I could go to the process of photographing all miniatures again, but this would be too time consuming. And my photo setup hasn't improved over the years so apart from the old watermarks there isn't really much value added.

Anyway let's start off with some highlights of my first attempts to paint something decent, done in 2004. I did some 40k that year but I was mainly working on my Confrontation Drune army back then. I also did some other stuff like painting the Hybrid board game set as a commission.

Here's my selection for 2004:

Tau Devilfish

Celestine, the Living Saint

Corwyn le Bossu


Drune Archers

Karnagh Drunes

Drune Persecutor (special edition)

If you ask me what's my favorite it would be tough choice: I'm very proud of Celestine, it's my first paintjob which won prizes at multiple painting competitions. The Tau Devilfish is also a nice piece, but I would probably go for the Karnagh Drunes. They really reflect the atmosphere of the entire army very well, and they are representative for the quality level of my gaming figures back then. I was also quite skilled NMM (non-metallic metals) at that time.


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