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2010 site stats

This is the last post concerning the new year, I promise :) After this it's back to usual, in fact I have some interesting stuff lined up.

Okay let's get straight to it shall we? The number of visits I had in 2010 was 14.392, that's only 2500 more than 2009, but not that bad if you take into account I've been virtually inactive for a few months. There were also less blog posts, only 34 as opposed to 57 in 2009. For 2011 I have set myself a target of at least 50 blog posts, preferably 75 or more.

The visitor chart above shows two peaks. The one in August was caused by my Red Box Games review, the one in October by the coverage I did on the German GD. Both blog posts are in the top-3 of the most viewed pages in 2010, but neither of them are the number one. That honor goes to my downloadable cloud backdrops which can be used for photographing your miniatures. They have proven quite popular, there were a bunch of other blogs and forums linking to the article, and they were even mentioned at the miniature photography classes at GenCon.

Apart from the traffic that comes here through links and search engines, I have a decent amount of loyal visitors, about 30% of the traffic comes from returning visitors. Most visible are my followers of course, at the time of writing I have 123 of them. My Facebook page has 87 fans. I know it isn't much compared to some of the other blogs, but for me personally I think that several hundred people who are staying up to date with my painting endeavors is quite a lot!

So I want to conclude this rather dull post with a special thank to you, the visitor. Let's make 2011 a great year for painting!


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