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Review: Red Box Games

Red Box Games is Tre Manor's own company, but he's probably better known for his work at Reaper Miniatures. The somewhat simplistic website offers links to an out-dated greens gallery and the shop. The shop itself offers only pictures of the greens, don't expect any casted figures or painted ones.

There are five factions to choose from, all of them pure fantasy. Aelfar, the elves, has quite some armored fighters, but also some spearmen, a rogue and mages. The dwarves are called Dvergr, in my opinion the least interesting race. Most of them look alike: covered in fur, heavy helmets and big shields. But there are some nice surprises, such as Dodgy Drexel, a small rogue, probably the tiniest figure of the range.

Yes they are tiny. This is true 28mm scale, a rarity in most modern miniature ranges. I will talk about this more, but first I'll take a look to the remaining three races. The Helsvakt are savage warriors which remind me a bit of the old Drunes by Rackham, complete with some druid mages. The fourth race are the Njorn, a bit similar to the Helsvakt, but they also contain some features of the Aelvar. Their overall theme reminds me a bit of the ancient vikings.

Finally there are the goblins, Red Box Games' most recent race. This also contains the huge Bloodmaw and Horsebane figure: a goblin mounted on a bear, probably one of the most spectacular figures of the entire Red Box Games range. Now that we have got to know the company and its miniature lines a bit better let's get a closer look at some actual minis.

The minis are got are these: Yrsa the Accursed, Olsvalter the Aged, Myrianna of Aelfheim, The Keeper. All of these are priced at 8,99 USD, which is fair price I think. All figures are shipped in their own zip-lock plastic bag together with a base. The figures I got were all one-part, except for Olsvalter: the owl on his back should be glued on. The bases are quite small, a lot smaller than the average round base actually. Once a figure is mounted on there's hardly any place left for basing, except for some regular sand. I strongly advice to base them on a bigger base for additional room.

I already told you the figures are small, and they are extremely detailed as well! Actually the sculpts are some of the best I have ever seen! Each figure is full of character and the entire figure has received a lot of attention. Just take a look at the closeups below and I hope you understand what I mean. And yes, that's my index finger in the background :)

There is a lot of detailing on the figures: weapons, scrolls, familiars, trophies and a wide variety of magical items, they are all sculpted on with the same amount of care. Sometimes this can make a miniature look busy, but here it just looks right. There are plenty of bare areas left, don't worry.

Casting was very good. Some mold lines here and there of course, but nothing really serious.

Here are the figures lined up, ready to be primed. I'm really going to enjoy painting these for sure!

  • great, dynamic sculpts with a lot of nice details
  • good price
  • no unnecessary assembly
  • true 28mm
  • supplied bases are small
  • only a few races
  • 28mm, they might look small when you want to use them in a game with other figures
  • online store only shows the greens
  • Some of the best figures I have ever seen. Characterful, extremely well sculpted and very detailed. These gorgeous miniatures are really made to paint up nicely, and they're a challenge to do so too. Money well spent.


Anonymous said... @ August 12, 2010 at 1:05 PM

I think he's great at what he does. Fabrics are pretty unique, but the size does make them seem out of place.

CJP said... @ August 12, 2010 at 10:46 PM

If you're going to comment on the base size, I reccomend using discreet measurements. The critique of: "yhe bases are quite small, a lot smaller than the average round base actually"
Is essentially meaningless.. how small is 'quite' small? How much smaller is 'a lot'? What is the 'average round base' size? People have different collections from different manufacturers, so who knows what a given person's experience of 'average' is. If you're going to comment on the size, I'd just wip out a ruler and tell us how many mm diameter it is- that way everyone will know what you're talking about without confusion. :)

Criticism meant in honest constructive sense- reviews are great and all, but really great reviews can be achieved with the inclusion of meaningful details like that.

Keep em coming. :)

Anonymous said... @ August 13, 2010 at 7:28 PM

Thanks for the review Corvus! :D

A note on the base sizes..... some figures are supplied with 20mm bases while others are supplied with 25mm round bases, Soon there will be figures supplied with 40 and 50 mm round bases as well.

In the upcoming rules the base sizes are tied to the character's abilities and the way they can be played in game. These rules will include things like number of figures which can engage simultaneously, wound capacity, rate of movement, etc.

Usually the only figures supplied with 20mm bases are magic users, dwarves, goblins, and most elves. Most humans, a few elves and the berserker goblins are supplied with 25mm bases.



Anonymous said... @ June 12, 2011 at 11:41 PM

Increidble modes, Sir. My brother and I have been looking for someone to come by and fill in the hole in our lives that Rackham has left. Many have come since then, but none with models as nice as yours! I am truly excited to hear you are doing rules and eagerly anticipating their release!!!

Is there a time frame for the release?

Thank you, Sir.


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