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The new photo studio

The room which is going to be my future painting studio is still a mess, and I still have to buy the main painting desk, but I already put the new photo setup in place. I used a low cabinet on which I attached three lights. I wasn't able to position the lights the way I wanted completely, but in the end I got them all pointing the same way somewhat. I'm using three white 40 watt fluorescent bulbs for this, which grant a white, diffused light.

Apart from the better lighting condition I now have a dedicated spot to photograph my miniatures. This way I will get more consistency throughout the pictures and I don't have to clear my desk and build the setup every time. If you are wondering where my cloud backdrops or previous photo setup are gone, I trashed them when boxing everything before moving because I already had this setup in mind.

The plan is to write an extensive article about miniature photography, when I finish experimenting with my new setup...


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