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Moved in + new goodies

Finally the move is over. Months of hard work have finally paid off, my family and I have settled in the new house. There's still a lot of work to be done, but at least we can shift to a lower gear again and take our time unpacking and installing everything since there aren't any real deadlines anymore.

I promised you updates on the new painting studio I am about to install well here it is: right
now I can't even start planning it! The room where I will be placing my painting desk, which we have dubbed the office room for now, is still filled with a huge load of boxes and bags as result of the move. So we need to clear that room first. After that is done a big cupboard which was in
our bedroom in our previous house will have to be reassembled there, to contain all kinds of non-painting related stuff. When that is done I can measure everything up and start thinking about the layout of the desks and other furniture.

The move was a huge effort but it was really worth it. The new house is beautiful and it's really
enjoyable to have more space: it's more than twice the size of our previous house. And the garden is about 10 times as big :) The picture you see here is some kind of rare Japanese tree which happens to be planted in the garden by the previous owners. I'm probably going to redesign the entire garden in the next one or two years, but this beautiful tree will stay in it.

Last week my new supply of W&N brushes arrived. I will keep them safely in the box for now. Today my copy of the new CoolMiniOrNot 2008 annual also arrived. It's really a great source of inspiration and I will probably write a bit more about the book here soon.


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