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RBG's The Keeper: cloak done and some glazing

Finished the cloak of The Keeper earlier this week, and today I tried to introduce some color into the figure with some glazes. Since I'm not a glazing expert, I somewhat failed to achieve what I had in mind, but it made some of the blendings a bit smoother. I know the cloak still looks rough, but I like the effect anyway.

The skin got some glazes of the base coat with some violet and bright skintones mixed in, the cloak got some burnt cadmium and beige. Yeah my glazing skills really need work, I should use the technique more to get more practice.

Got some more work done on Myrianna, the rest of the cloak is finished, as well as the hair and I did some basecoating on other areas. I'm now probably going to continue with The Keeper, he's mostly done but has a lot of tiny details left.


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