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Upcoming product reviews

I'm currently working on a bunch of reviews of several products. The reviews will be composed of two parts: a general introduction to the company and its products and then a hands-on review of one or more of their products. This is what you can expect in the next few weeks:
  • Red Box Games: 28mm fantasy goodness from the US.
  • Tor Gaming R&D: figures for their upcoming game "Relics"
  • VoodooWorx: UK based supplier of sculpted resin display plinths.
  • Plinth Country: a new player on the resin and wood display plinths market, coming from Poland.
In addition I'll also be taking a look at the brand new CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2008 book. I guess this company does not need an introduction :)

Do you want me to review your product as well and attract new customers? Please contact me at


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