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Review: VoodooWorx

EDIT: the plinths mentioned in this article are no longer manufactured by VoodooWorx but are now sold by Secret Weapon Miniatures.

VoodooWorx owner Wil Davies was so kind to send me some resin display plinths for me to check out. I'm happy to take a closer look at his high-quality products.

VoodooWorx was founded a year ago by UK Golden Demon winner Wil Davies. There's already quite a big range of products available and there are a lot of plans for the future, including gaming bases and resin terrain. But for now the company focuses on showcase painters, supplying us with some very nice plinths.

Two types of plinths are available: display plinths, which are plain, and themed plinths, which have a texture on top. All plinths come in cube and cylinder shapes.

I got three themed plinths, two 25mm Cobbled Stone Floor plinths and one 40mm Ruined Stone Floor plinth. All of them are very nicely textured, one of the small plinths has a well detailed sewage cover on it. The 40mm base features some stairs.

I'm not a huge fan of the stairs because I think they look slightly out of scale when you put a 28mm figure on it, but it can certainly be used for that as well as larger scales.

I guess there's not much to say about these plinths than that they are of the highest quality. Very finely details, crisp casting. And everything just breathes quality, even the packaging they come in. Just check out the website and you will know what I mean: a lot of other online stores can learn something from this one. What is also good is that all the textured plinths can be seen in a painted and non-painted version.

For the plain display plinths there might be some cheaper alternatives out there, but the textured plinths are certainly worth checking out if you're into serious showcase painting and do not want to waste too much time building a base.


Acrylic Touch said... @ June 15, 2013 at 7:19 AM

Awesome miniature, this is a perfect example of what small Acrylic display plinths could be used for. It is amazing when you walk into a room that has something displayed in a classy way and using display plinths is one way to do it.

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