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Painting Crusade is over & new project

Last weekend's Painting Crusade was great, although I only went on Saturday for a short while. There were already a lot of entries in the painting competition and the level was extremely high, with several winners from the 2010 German Games Day. But I hope to have a selection of pictures online in the next few days. I even did some filming there.

There was a very small second had market at the event also. And I couldn't resist buying some Rackham miniatures, including the one you see below. I'm still riding on a wave of excitement after seeing the contest entries at the Painting Crusade so I started working on the figure right away. The miniature tree on the base is actually a root I stumbled upon while working in the garden last summer. I decided to keep it because of the awkward shape. I think it suits this figure really nice.

I wasn't really familiar with the figure (I think it was one of the very last Rackham releases) so I looked up both the studio paintjob and the official artwork for inspiration.


Eversor said... @ February 8, 2011 at 9:21 AM

You're lucky! I had been waiting for Rackham's dark elves for years, and didn't even know they managed to release that figure.

The way the root curves back towards her is great. They almost form a heart :-) Looking forward to seeing you paint it!

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