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Deathwing Terminator bust WIP I

After reading September's White Dwarf magazine I was full of inspiration to paint a Blood Angels terminator. At the same time I got this crazy idea to create a 28mm bust simply by cutting up a miniature.

So it was decided that an Assault on Black Reach would be sacrificed for this experiment. I used my Dremel to cut everything right above the waist line and assembled the mini. After that I've put the figure aside and continued to work on other projects. Maybe 28mm busts weren't the best idea :)

But I picked this figure back up for the Bolter & Chainsword painting competition, known as the 'Golden Bolters'. I decided to paint up a unit of Deathwing Terminators as an entry, but I needed a figure to test the paint scheme on which I had in mind. So my Terminator bust was great for this purpose!

It also allowed me to try to attach some of the green stuff moldings I've created earlier. Works great in my opinion.

For the painting I'm going for a gritty, dirty look. I'm going to achieve this through a 'streaky' way of painting. I got a lot of inspiration from Tim Davis at The Vanus Temple, although my approach is different and I'm going for a slightly higher quality.


Alvin Khaw said... @ November 9, 2009 at 6:05 PM

Wow, that looks very good! I'm looking forward to see the end product.

Pity the Terminator though, had to go through such a painful experience to become more beautiful... ;P

Unknown said... @ November 9, 2009 at 10:15 PM

I was happily browsing and saw this, then noticed the link to my site! :D

looking great.
One thing that's different between yours and mine, you have pointed brush strokes whereas mine are continuous, what you want to do is flatten your brush so its not pointed, water the paint down quite a bit too so it flows easier when the brush is flat (otherwise it ends up looking drybrushed)


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