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Crisis 2009 event coverage

Crisis 2009 was held on Saturday 7 November at the Metropolis Conference Center in Antwerp, Belgium. Here's my report with highlights from the show itself and the painting competition.

Crisis when I arrived, the usual busy atmosphere.

Here are some shots of the Smart Max booth, with their miniature line Smog. Their booth was very dark, difficult to take good pictures or even look at the minis. Anyway this is good quality stuff, large scale, and quite expensive too.

At the Freebooter stand it was business as usual. The eyecatcher this time was the new undead figure "Monsieur Mort".

Otherworld miniatures was at the show for the first time. A nice range of good quality metals. I also decided that their skeletons were the best I've ever seen. I almost bought them but then decided to spend my money at the next booth...

Which was the one of Black Scorpion Miniatures. I picked up their set of four undead pirates together with the captain. It cost me 10 EUR, now that's what I call good value!

Of course their was plenty of room for large demo tables.

This was one of the nicest tables I've ever seen, actually it was some kind of board game instead of a wargame. This Victorian town and the miniatures (mainly vampires) was painted entirely in gray, and very detailed.

Two shots from the Warhammer 40K demo table by XHammer, a gaming club from Antwerp. They won second prize with their table, well done guys.

Now onto the painting competition. This year it was held in another room than usual, which wasn't a good idea in my opinion. In the past the room was close to the toilet area and the room with second hand stuff, so everyone spotted it easily and visited the competition. But not this time, there weren't even signs pointing to the new location. And on top of that the doors were closed during the judging which started at 13.00h and ended at 17.00h. So most people didn't even have the chance to see the competition. Isn't a painting competition about attracting new people to the hobby? Or to show off the quality of painters which visit the show?...

Here's an overview of the single fantasy category, usually the toughest one.

Some single figures from that category.

Two masterpieces by Brenda Gosman, who went home with the best of show award once again. Well done Brenda :)

My Red Karnagh Drune :)

Diorama category.

Bust & large scale category.

Single SF category. Judging in this category was quite harsh. Actually there was only one prize: a Space Marine of which I don't even have a picture... First up my very own Haqqislam Naffatûn which earned 117 points (13 short for a bronze medal).

An entry by Sven Wichert.

Guido Gunther's entry, he told me he painted the figure in 3 hours... smooth blending nonetheless.

Other entries.

Michael Holzapfel's entry in the 15mm or smaller category, which won a well deserved prize. It's really insanely small if you see it in real life.

Well that sums it up once again. I had a great day, just like every year and got a lot of inspiration. See you all next year.


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