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Back from Crisis 2009

Short post to inform you guys about the result of the painting competition. Well as expected I didn't win anything :) My Infinity figure came quite close to a bronze medal I heard afterwards from the judges, but lost a lot of points on the base apparently. Anyway, we all agreed that judging was a bit awkward this year, especially in the single SF category where there were only a few prizes.

I spent a bit of money on some Black Scorpion undead pirates, paints and other accessories. More on this later.

Another thing you can expect here soon is a picture report, similar to what I did for Spiel 2009.

Michael Holzapfel already has a report on his blog, including a load of pictures from the painting competition.


Anonymous said... @ November 8, 2009 at 7:28 PM

lot of people in the mornig but good convention in general,Nosferatu(do you know the official website?) and Incursion are good new games. And yes some pirates minis are wonderful!

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