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An update

Well, not a lot of painting happened since my last blog post... I've been very occupied with work around the house. In fact I did quite a lot of painting, but 1:1 scale :) There's still a lot to do, but I expect to have painting time increase from zero now to at least a couple of hours each week by the end of next month.

Currently I'm preparing for a relaxing holiday at the seaside, and as usual I'm taking some painting gear with me. A while ago I bought a Warmachine Cryx starter box because I wanted to check out their plastics (which are excellent by the way). Last week I assembled the figures and primed them, so I can go right ahead and start painting them. I'm not going for a very high standard with them, just some casual painting :)

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the German Games Day this year (you can find my report on last year's edition here). Anyway congratulations to Matt Cexwish for winning the Sword, he really takes miniature painting to the next level. Here's a cool video on his winning entry:

The next event I am most probably attending will be DuZi, held on 8 and 9 October. It will be the first time I go there, and I will likely enter the painting competition with one or more entries. Nothing new I'm afraid, I'll probably take Han Solo... oh we'll see, it's still a long time until October.

The biggest bit of community news from the past month is the relaunch of the Chest Of Colors website. It received a completely new design and technical overhaul, now being more able to host galleries and articles. The plan is to write some articles for them myself, since I'm now part
of their team. I've been on the Chest Of Colors forum since the beginning, but still it means a great deal to me to now be officially part of the crew. I'm there right next to Ana (painting mum blog), Demi Morgana (plinth country), and others, all of them important figures in the miniature painting community. Check the member page here:

I hope to see you very soon in the next blog post!


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