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New project started: Vanguard Trooper

Started working on a new miniatures tonight: a Vanguard Trooper by Studio McVey.

It's the first time I try out one of their figures and I'm a bit disappointed in a way. For some obscure reason the metal figure comes in 4 parts: legs, torso, head and the arms which hold a weapon. What I find strange is that the body with the head isn't one piece, and then the arms with the weapon a second part. On top of that the legs and torso don't quite fit that well. I also had to file away quite some metal on the head and neck to get a pose similar to the one on the blister.

But on the other hand the sculpt is fantastic. All details are very well pronounced, quite some variation on the figure as well. Maybe the resin version is worth the extra cost over this metal figure after all.... (assuming it's cast in less parts).


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