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Desktop update: practice time

With both Bregan done and the DUZI mission successfully completed it feels like some weight has fallen off my shoulders. Some weight I didn't know that was there until a few days ago. What I mean is that the need to deliver super high quality has made way for creative, casual and fun miniature painting.

So work has continued on the Vanguard Trooper. Nothing top-notch, but I'm enjoying it. And even this low quality (call it good gaming quality :) is a good practice for the showcase quality stuff. It allows me to try out new mixes and techniques without wasting too much time or a good miniature.

I also have a bunch of stuff lined up for this blog, but all of it needs more work: new cloud backdrops, a tutorial on Bregan's base, my opinion on the "new" Rackham minis.... stay tuned!


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