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Ultramarines Commander work in progress 1

Since the release of the 5th edition rulebook of Warhammer 40.000 became imminent, my best friend and I decided to pick the game back up. We used to play (well, at least a few games :) it a few years ago, but the lack of decent scenery and a good army building strategy made us abandon 40k pretty quickly. I painted a small army of Black Templars and some Tau back then, but sold them on eBay.

So now I'm back at it and choose Space Marines again: Ultramarines this time. I'm not really painting up bulk amounts of soldiers, just small batches to fill up the time between commissions and when I don't feel like painting showcase quality stuff. Another advantage is I get some more practice on terrain building. We're building quite a large table, with ruins, craters, etc. Probably more on this in the next few months when it's worth showing off here.


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