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CMON favorites II

Welcome my second CMON favorites post, which features some more recent submissions.

Marneus Calgar by Brokenblade - Fantastic painting technique, and I simply love the overall style. It's full of contrast and bright colors, while still keeping it smooth.
Dalamyr by Avelorn - The work on the face of this mini is simply striking. The base is simple but good enough to set the scene. Work on the cloak and pants could have been a bit smoother IMO.
Space Marine Predator by paulvalenx - The complexity of this diorama alone deservers a 10, but on top of that it's awesomely painted as well.
Aurlok Totem Warrior by olliekickflip - Nice alternative paint scheme and very smooth work, with a lot of attention to details.
The Masque of Slaanesh by olliekickflip - Painted using a limited palette and lots of freehand.


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