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Another fresh start, but first some history

Two weeks ago I decided to close down the Pendragon Studios website... I have various reasons for this, but the main one is probably that I have lost interest with the concept of the site. The team I had built around me was also quite inactive in the miniature painting field for the last year (including myself) and of course the site hosting and domain name costs some money. It was a hard decision for me, since I had turned 'Pendragon Studios' in some sort of brand name for quality painted miniatures, gaining some recognition on the field of miniature painting. Eventually the domain name will end early October 2008.

But I decided this shouldn't bring an end to my miniature painting activities on the WWW. A wide range of free services (including this site, Blogger) makes it easy to bring everything I am doing online. Over the years personal homepages have evolved into more blogging type of sites. Pendragon Studios also had a news page, but I always kept the messages short and formal. When I was thinking about what to do after the end of Pendragon Studios I was brought back to my very first miniature related activity on the web: the original Corvus Miniatures, founded in July 2003. Although the original link was called, I advise you to follow this link, because the free forwarding service will display some annoying and dangerous (mallware) advertisements.

The original Corvus Miniatures was started after I got involved in the CoolMiniOrNot website, which is still an important place on the web for miniature enthusiasts. I was very active on the forums at that time and got to know a lot of people from the online community. My site also allowed me to get a taste of commission painting and selling painted miniatures on eBay. Outside of the web my painting skills were increasing rapidly. I started to compete in painting competitions, and even won some of them.

The hobby became more serious: more commission work kept coming in and the competitions got harder. Because of this I wanted a new, more professional looking site. In 2004 I met Jasper Posson, an talented painter and great a person overall. Together with him I kicked off Pendragon Studios later that year. We worked together for commissions and competitions, some highlights included our showcase at Miniaturansichten 2005, Jasper's silver demon at the German Games Day 2006 and my best of show award at the Golden Spur Painting Competition 2007. In the meantime the Pendragon Studios website was reworked and the team was expanded with two more painters.

But like I said at the beginning of this post I lost interest with the concept of Pendragon Studios, each of the painters went their own way and I got tired of updating the site, making promotion, etc.

I get a very nostalgic feel when I think back about the original Corvus Miniatures and the starting days of Pendragon Studios... Because of that I decided to dig up the concept of my first site again: was born!

With a similar color-scheme this will be my new home on the web. I still don't know what I want do with this site (apart from blogging about my painting activities) but expect a small gallery, a collection of links and of course some info on how to get miniatures painted by me. But the first priority will be to create a logo and properly set up the layout of this page.

This post has come to an end, and I am asking every Pendragon Studios fan and miniature enthusiast to bookmark this site and come again very soon, because this really is the start of something new!

I hope to see you again very shortly,



shornk said... @ September 29, 2008 at 10:37 PM

Thanks for continuing to share your work with us on the web. Remember picasa is an excellent resource for uploading pics and linking them back to your blog.

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