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Scale Model Challenge 2014 event report

This year's edition was a very crowded one, it looks like SMC just keeps on growing! The layout of the main hall was improved and offered more space for clubs, there was a separate expo zone and an incorporated game zone. Last year's game zone was replaced by even more traders. Scale Model Factory, the organizing club, did another flawless job, everything was just perfect.

Just like the last editions, my friends Maartje, Gert, Pascal and myself occupied a table in the club area. We decided to put all of our models on one side of the table, which offered a more impressive showcase. But we also noticed that there were a lot less people inclined to start a chat with us, as opposed to the previous years where we displayed our miniatures right in front of us. But we also spent less time behind the table, there was simply too much to see!

The expo zone was dominated by Massive Voodoo, again with some nice models on display:

Also good to see some of my friends from Paint Your Imagination also had a nice display set up:

Also on their table, a very nostalgic figure and paintjob, the Rackham Dirz bust by Dirk Stiller, fantastic to see this one again!

But the eye catcher of the main hall was probably the huge diorama displaying the Clervaux (Luxembourg) castle during the heavy fighting of World War II. This was the final show where it was put on display, it will now be moved to a museum. The entire thing is 25 square meters!

Just behind the corner the trade area started. The nicest booth there was probably the one from Painting Buddha. I also managed to have a talk with owner and fellow blogger Michael Bartels, what a friendly guy, with a lot of devotion to the hobby.

The painting competition was also bigger this year, with more than 800 entries. The downside to this was that especially the fantasy & sf figure categories where really full, so there were a lot of figures in a small area, making it hard to quietly have a look at the figures and take pictures.

And then it was time for the super-long prize ceremony with me winning silver in the standard sf & fantasy figure category :D

All pictures are available on both Facebook and Google+, and please check below for a compilation of clips I filmed at the show. See you all next year!

Scale Model Challenge 2014 gallery on Google+
Scale Model Challenge 2014 gallery on Facebook


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