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Back from SMC 2014

When last year's Scale Model Challenge was over, I thought it was hard to do any better. But it seems this event is still growing more popular! A huge show overall, with tens of clubs and traders, and a painting competition with nearly 800 entries. And now the rumour goes that this event might cover an entire weekend next year. We'll see, but it's good to see this is still growing.

It's been a fantatic day overall, I met a lot of new people and others which I haven't seen for years. The day was definitely too short :)

The painting competition went pretty well for me. It hasn't been a very productive year for me competition-pieces wise, but nonetheless one of my two entries managed to win something. My Haqqislam Remote won me a silver medal in the SF & Fantasy figures advanced category.

I planned on buying some new Infinity, or something else 28mm gaming related, but alas most traders were geared towards military modeling and larger scale figure painting. But last week I removed all my useless paints from my collection, so I had to replace some of them. I also bought a couple of plinths.

I now have more than 200 pictures and more than 50 video clips to go through, so I hope to put a picture gallery online in the next few days and a video by next weekend.


greggles said... @ October 14, 2014 at 3:11 PM

Well deserved! Congrats! Looking forward to the pics!

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