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Crisis 2012 report

After several years in the conference hall of the Metropolis movie theater complex, it was time for Crisis to move to a bigger location. After they decided to cancel the painting competition two years ago, I skipped the event since then. But this year I wanted to see what the new location had to offer. Now being held in the Waagnatie (a former port hangar), it offered more room, creating a much more relaxed, less crammed, hot and sweaty experience :).

The recipe still is the same, apart from the painting competition: lots of traders, focusing on wargaming (all scales & genres) and then some participation and demo games by an international selection of clubs. Now spread over two huge halls, it has all a wargamer needs: miniatures, games, terrain, etc. Maybe a bit too much in my opinion, apart from Ammon miniatures being there I didn't really see which was specifically oriented towards showcase painters, no wooden display plinths or something of the like for example. My memory could fool me here, but in my opinion there was more of that stuff a couple of years ago. Now there were at least 4 traders offering the full range of Army Painter products, to give you an idea...

But for wargamers this really is a must, lot's of traders offering serious discounts on starter sets etc.

On to the pictures...

Well located near the entry was Micro Art Studios' booth, with this nice demo table for their Wolsung skirmish game.

Earlier this year Micro Art Studios and Discworld Miniatures split up as a company, but it's clear they still have very close ties with each other:

Smart Max with their Smog range.

The highlight of the show for me was Taban Miniatures showing off their game Eden.

The center of the first hall was filled by participation and demo games on big tables like these:

Freebooter's Fate demo table:

And some of their miniatures:

Pardulon from Germany with some excellent resin scenery:

Overview of the second hall:


Lots of manufacturer we selling laser-cut MDF, like this:

I hope you enjoyed this report. Pictures are also available on Facebook:


Perzan said... @ November 6, 2012 at 10:37 PM

Regarding Micro Art Studio and it's split; Discworld Miniatures is not a company but a licensed product still sold by MAS. As is the Wolsung SSG.

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